List of common abbreviations


This is a list of abbreviations commonly used within the Super Mario Odyssey community, alongside their meanings.

Abbreviation Meaning Notes
1P One-player
2DSS 2D Skip Skip
2P Two-player
3DSS 3 Dark Side Skips
4DSS 4 Dark Side Skips
ADA All Death Animations
AM All Moons
APC All Purple Coins
APCPG All Purple Coins Post-Game
APGF All Post-Game Flags
ASA All Sub-Areas
ASAPG All Sub-Areas Post-Game
ASM All Story Moons
ATA All Toadette Achievements
AUM All Unique Moons
BB Bullet Bill
Bullet Billding Often in reference to the route
BKS Best known segment In reference to Koopa Freerunning
BM Bowser's & Moon
BTF Bubble to fork Luncheon Koopa Freerunning segment
BTT Best Theoretical Time
CB Cap bounce
CBV Cap bounce vector
CC Cap & Cascade
CCC Coin Coffer clip
CCD Chain Chomp displacement
CCO Chain Chomp overextension
CCS Cap, Cascade & Sand
CCTG Cheep Cheep to Gushen Seaside Koopa Freerunning segment
CDA Ceiling detection abuse
CDB Compact dive bounce
CE Category extension More obscure speedrun categories
C-frame Capture frame
CFT Capture frame teleportation
CFU Capture frame untethering
ComSOB Community sum of best Sum of community's best split times
CP Checkpoint
CRC Cappy return cancel
CRJ Cap return jump
CS Cutscene
CT Cap throw
CTTR Chomp Through the Rocks A moon in Cascade Kingdom
D2W Death-to-win A type of Cappy return cancel
DCCD Death Chain Chomp displacement
DSC Discord
DSNR Dark Side No Revisits
DSS Dino Skip Skip
DST Daylight Savings Time Often in reference to DSTA
DSTA Daylight Savings Time Abuse
DT Downthrow
DTRC Downthrow roll cancel
FMC First Moon Clip
FMS First Moon Skip
FP First-person
FPSS First-person snapshot
FRS Flower Road Skip
FTB Fork to bubble Luncheon Koopa Freerunning segment
FTF Fork to fork Metro Koopa Freerunning segment
GCJ Goomba chain jump
GNJ Goomba nut jumping
GP Ground pound
GPC Ground pound cancel
GPJ Ground pound jump
GS Girder Sandwich A moon in Metro Kingdom
Globe storage
HCT Homing cap throw
HUD Heads-up display
ICC Ice Corner Clip
IL Individual level A speedrun of a single kingdom
IP Inverted Pyramid
IRC Instant roll cancel
KFR Koopa Freerunning
KFRTA Koopa Freerunning RTA
LB Leaderboard
LBW Luigi's Balloon World
LJ Long jump
LJCC Lol, just crouch clip
LOTAD Low-optimization tool-assisted demonstration
LWCL Lake, Wooded, Cloud & Lost
LZ Loading zone
MC Minimum Captures
MCAM Minimum Captures All Moons
MCCT Motion-controlled cap throw
MCCTRC Motion-controlled cap throw roll cancel
MCDS Minimum Captures Darker Side
MCFU Moon capture frame untethering Collecting a moon after performing CFU
MCMM Minimum Captures Max Moons
MCT Minimum Capture Types
MCWP Minimum Captures World Peace
MEE Moe-Eye Escape
MSSL Metro, Snow, Seaside & Luncheon
NHA No Hint Art A subcategory of Nipple%
NPC Non-player character
NSCA Network System Clock Abuse
NV Narrow Valley
OCRC Odyssey Cappy return cancel
OOB Out-of-bounds Inside a wall or solid object
O-warp Odyssey warp A type of Cappy return cancel
PB Personal best
PTF Pole to fork Metro Koopa Freerunning segment
RB Roll boost
RBM Ruined, Bowser's & Moon
RC Roll cancel
RCB Roll cancel bounce
RCC Roll cancel clip
RCCRJ Roll cancel cap return jump
RCJ Roll cancel jump
RCV Roll cancel vector
RFR Rocket Flower refresh
RNG Random number generation
RTA Real-time attack
S2W Shake-to-win A type of Cappy return cancel
SB Shirane bounce
Snapshot buffer
SCRC Sloped Cappy return cancel
SMO Super Mario Odyssey
SOB Sum of best Sum of one's best split times
SP Spinpound
SPJ Spinpound jump
SS Snapshot
ST Spinthrow
STRC Spinthrow roll cancel
TA Target Acquired
TAS Tool-assisted speedrun
TCO Third Courtyard Outskirts A moon in Bowser's Kingdom
TJ Triple jump
TNT Twist 'n' Turn-Up Treasure A moon in Lost Kingdom
TT Triple throw
TWR Tied world record
UDV Up-down vault
UT Upthrow
UTRC Upthrow roll cancel
UTRCCRJ Upthrow roll cancel cap return jump
UWR Untied world record
WJ Wall jump
WP World Peace
WR World record