Death Chain Chomp displacement


Death Chain Chomp displacement, often abbreviated as DCCD, is a variant of Chain Chomp displacement that involves pushing a Chain Chomp as it dies, causing it to displace while dead (a state in which the Chain Chomp is effectively just invisible and has no interactions). Unlike standard Chain Chomp displacement, death Chain Chomp displacement is possible on all versions of the game.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

After a Chain Chomp dies, it gets teleported to its home position and made invisible and intangible; when it respawns, it is simply made visible and tangible again. Just before teleporting to its home during death, its momentum is reset to zero. However, if the Chain Chomp dies inside a pushing hitsensor, its momentum will then be set to something else just before teleporting, which will cause it to drift after it has teleported to its home. When it respawns, which occurs when Mario exceeds a distance of 10,000 units to the Chain Chomp, its momentum is set back to zero again, but it will have displaced from its home position due to drifting while dead.

Death Chain Chomp displacement is most commonly done by knocking a dying Chain Chomp into another Chain Chomp, but it can also be done with any other object with a pushing hitsensor, such as Burrbos.

Unlike with regular Chain Chomp displacement, the camera does not need to be pointed in the direction of the Chain Chomp for it to displace, since dead Chain Chomps are permanently loaded.