Chain Chomp displacement


Chain Chomp displacement, often abbreviated as CCD, is a glitch possible in the Cascade Kingdom that allows a Chain Chomp to be pushed and slowly drift in any desired horizontal direction indefinitely. The glitch involves pushing an idle Chain Chomp using another Chain Chomp or any other object or enemy with a pushing hitsensor.

Although standard Chain Chomp displacement can only be performed on version 1.0.0, a variant known as death Chain Chomp displacement is possible on all versions.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

In order to displace a Chain Chomp, Mario must be far enough away from it for it to be in its inactive state. This is a state in which the Chain Chomp experiences no gravity or collision; normally, this does not cause any glitches since the Chain Chomp is only intended to be inactive while it is stationary in its home position, but using the glitch it is possible to cause the Chain Chomp to drift horizontally while inactive. The inactive state can be identified by the Chain Chomp sitting still in its idle animation without periodically hopping and turning (which indicates its active state). Chain Chomps become inactive when Mario exceeds a distance of 6500 units to them and reactivate when Mario comes within 6000 units; both of these distances are much greater than the distance at which the Chain Chomp will stop attacking.

The glitch is performed by pushing a Chain Chomp in its inactive state with a pushing hitsensor. Note that while in its inactive state, the Chain Chomp will unload if the camera is pointed away from it, meaning it will temporarily stop displacing if the camera is pointed away while the glitch is in progress.

Methods[edit | edit source]

Using another Chain Chomp[edit | edit source]

The most common method is to use another Chain Chomp returning to its home to push it; this is possible if two Chain Chomps have home points close to each other. This can be set up by moving one Chain Chomp past the other, uncapturing it, and then quickly moving far enough away for the other Chain Chomp to become inactive. Once the dizzy Chain Chomp wakes up, it will return to its home point, pushing the other Chain Chomp in the process.

Using the T-Rex[edit | edit source]

Another common method involves killing a Chain Chomp with the T-Rex, uncapturing the T-Rex while it is atop the Chain Chomp's home position, and quickly moving far enough away for the Chain Chomp to be inactive as it respawns. If done correctly, the uncaptured T-Rex will push the Chain Chomp away from its home, causing it to displace.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Minimum Mario[edit | edit source]

Although many Minimum Mario moons in the Cascade Kingdom can be obtained more easily with Chain Chomp overextension, Chain Chomp displacement is still necessary to obtain Multi Moon Atop the Falls to complete the kingdom, as well as for Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!, Next to the Stone Arch, and Guarded by a Colossal Fossil.