Chain Chomp overextension


Chain Chomp overextension refers to the ability to tug a Chain Chomp beyond its normal roaming range by pulling on the chain for long periods of time.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

By simply pulling on its chain, a captured Chain Chomp will very slowly move farther away from its home point. This can be used to reach any arbitrary distance as long as one pulls on the chain for long enough. However, it is often not possible to gain progress on slopes, nor is it generally possible to climb up even small ledges since jumping as the Chain Chomp will cause it to move back toward its home.

In some cases, after using Chain Chomp overextension to pull a Chain Chomp off the edge near the triceratops skull at the top of the kingdom, it is possible to achieve an effect where the Chain Chomp will overextend much faster than normal. This is sometimes called the free roam effect, and also has the added benefit of making it possible to climb steeper slopes. In some cases, this effect will occur immediately after pulling the Chain Chomp off the edge,[1] but it can also be achieved in other ways.[2][3] Little is known about the exact cause of the effect, but one known consistent method to attain it is by pulling the Chain Chomp up the wall from the bottom, uncapturing it, and recapturing it just after it lands on the ground.[4] It is unknown if this effect is achievable in any other locations.

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