Two-player mode


Two-player mode, often abbreviated as 2P mode, or just 2P, is a mode that allows players to control both Mario and Cappy separately, using two controllers. The recommended way to play in two-player mode is to split a single pair of Joy-Con into two individual controllers and hold each of them sideways, but any combination of controllers may be used. When playing with split Joy-Con, players have access to a reduced control set, but can use some movement options exclusive to two-player mode, such as vaulting from a standstill or while in midair, or moving Cappy freely and independently from Mario.

Speedruns that require two-player mode are much less popular among runners than single-player speedruns, mainly due to the fact that two controllers are required, meaning either two people must play or one person must use their hands and feet simultaneously. However, playing in two-player mode allows for many unique tricks and glitches that cannot be done in single-player, such as Cappy return cancels and the suckage glitch.