Cap return jump

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A cap return jump, often abbreviated as CRJ, is a type of jump that can be performed just as Cappy returns to Mario.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Cap return jumps have a height that is approximately between 200 and 400 units, depending on how long the jump button is held[1]. This makes them one of the shorter types of jumps in the game, but taller than the standard jump and double jump. Because of this, they are most often used as a quick way to gain a moderate amount of height, since they can be initiated quickly if Cappy is already extended, rather than to gain significant height. Additionally, cap return jumps preserve momentum, making them somewhat useful for crossing distances.

A cap return jump takes precedence over any jump in a triple jump sequence. In other words, a double jump or triple jump will be overridden by the cap return jump if Cappy returns to Mario at the right moment. If the cap return jump overrides a double jump, it will result in a higher jump since a double jump normally has a shorter height. However, if it overrides a triple jump, it will actually result in a shorter jump, which can make trickjumps involving triple jumps difficult if Cappy returns to Mario within a certain window.

Furthermore, despite triple jumps not normally being possible while a Rocket Flower is active, overriding the double jump with a cap return jump will cause the triple jump to work correctly. This can be used to perform a triple jump with the speed boost of a Rocket Flower.

Unlike all higher forms of jumps, cap return jumps can be performed from the surface of water. This makes them the most effective way to gain height from within a body of water.

Instant cap return jumps[edit | edit source]

Cap return jumps are also possible after a cap throw is blocked by a wall, which is often intentionally done to quickly obtain a cap return jump. This is most commonly done after a roll cancel toward the wall, in which case the maneuver is occasionally called a roll cancel cap return jump or RCCRJ; this allows a roll cancel jump to be performed with the height of a cap return jump. These instant cap return jumps against walls can also be done after an upthrow, in which case the timing for the jump is slightly sooner.

References[edit | edit source]