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The jump is one of the most basic moves in Super Mario Odyssey. It can be performed by pressing A or B on the controller while Mario is standing on the ground.

Properties[edit | edit source]

The standard jump, often called a single jump to contrast it from double jumps and triple jumps, has a height ranging between 105 and 258 in-game units, depending on how long the jump button is held throughout the duration of the jump[1]. Like double jumps and triple jumps, the standard jump preserves any momentum that Mario had before initiating the jump, as long as the player continues to hold the joystick forward, and it can be vectored as well. Because it is so versatile and straightforward to perform, the standard jump is extensively used in speedruns.

Other types of jumps[edit | edit source]

There are many other types of jumps in the game besides the standard jump. The standard jump is in fact one of the lowest types of jumps, and although it is fast and straightforward to execute, it is often favorable to perform a higher type of jump. These higher jump types are the double jump, triple jump, ground pound jump, backflip, sideflip, cap return jump and spin jump.

Another type of jump is the long jump, which is actually lower than a full-height standard jump, but provides Mario with a quick burst of momentum that can sometimes make it more useful for quickly gaining speed.

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