Ground pound jump


A ground pound jump is the second highest type of jump following the triple jump, and is performed by jumping just after landing a ground pound or spinpound.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Ground pound jumps have a height of 513.5 units[1], making them higher than the backflip, sideflip and vault, but lower than the triple jump. This is a fixed height, meaning it does not vary depending on how long the jump button is held. At the start of a ground pound jump, Mario will travel straight upward, which sometimes makes the ground pound jump less desirable than a backflip, which pushes Mario backwards slightly. However, the ground pound jump's trajectory can be controlled by moving the joystick.

Because ground pound jumps must be performed following a ground pound or spinpound, which both neutralize Mario's momentum, they are not useful for crossing long distances.

References[edit | edit source]