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The Odyssey is the ship that serves as Mario's primary mode of transportation between kingdoms throughout the game. Generally always found at the same location in each kingdom, the Odyssey has a globe that the player can throw Cappy at to deposit Power Moons, which is the game's method of unlocking new kingdoms. Before completing the game, this requires a specific number of moons from the current kingdom, represented by dotted moon outlines in the HUD; afterward, it requires a specific number from all kingdoms combined.

The ship additionally has an interior sub-world to display the player's collected souvenirs, much as the exterior displays the player's collected stickers.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Odyssey is first found in the Cascade Kingdom under a pile of rubble, after taking the spark pylon from the Cap Kingdom. It will remain in that location until leaving the kingdom for the first time, and this is the only time in which the Odyssey can be found in a location other than its usual designated location in the kingdom.

The ship will only appear in kingdoms that the player has unlocked by depositing the required amount of moons using the Odyssey's globe. This means that if the player reaches a kingdom in its early state, such as by using a Warp Painting, the Odyssey will not be seen there yet. This even includes the Cascade Kingdom, which could theoretically be reached early using the hypothetical Cap Wire Skip. This behavior makes it impossible to skip kingdoms by progressing the game from an early kingdom state such as Bruncheon.

The one exception to this occurs after defeating Mollusque-Lanceur in Early Seaside, after which the Odyssey will be loaded while Mario is inside the glass with the Multi Moon. However, panning the camera to look at the Odyssey without being in Snapshot Mode or the Multi Moon cutscene will cause the game to freeze, eventually leading to a crash.

In addition to not appearing if the player has not progressed to the kingdom, the Odyssey also will not appear in certain scenarios, such as those used in Koopa Freerunning and Luigi's Balloon World.

Interior[edit | edit source]

The Odyssey's interior can be entered from throwing Cappy at the door on the front of the ship, ground pounding the hatch on top, or crouching into the largest exhaust pipe on the back. The interior of the ship displays Mario's collected souvenirs and includes a wardrobe to change outfits. There is no known way to clip out of bounds in this sub-world.

Although the interior sub-world is intended to be inaccessible until first powering up the Odyssey in Cascade Kingdom using five Power Moons, it is possible to clip out of bounds to reach an area behind the Odyssey and enter it using the exhaust pipe.[1]

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