8-Bit Galaxy

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8-Bit Galaxy
8-Bit Galaxy.png
Internal name Galaxy2DExStage
Moon Rock level? Yes
Power Moons 2
Regional coins None
Music Subterranean 1

8-Bit Galaxy is a sub-world in Moon Kingdom that can be entered via a Moon Pipe on a cliff near the Odyssey. The level contains one of the few 2D sections in the game to feature planetary gravity.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • By alternating wall jumps on opposite sides of the exterior of the 2D section, it is possible to climb all the way to the top of the section and stand on top of some spots around the edge, including the very top.[1] This was discovered by glitch hunter Syrkl.
  • As found by Dpc1437, one of the corners in the upper right area of the level allows clipping out of bounds in a maneuver that appears to be a 2D analogue to a seam clip. Additionally, clipping through this corner, which can be set up using Cappy's hover ability in two-player mode, causes Mario to slingshot into the moon in the center, making it possible to collect the moon without jumping.[2]
  • It is possible to traverse the entire 2D section in reverse starting from the end, as discovered by Grady. The most difficult part involves precisely jumping with momentum from one of the small planets in order to abuse the gravity physics to gain a significant amount of height and reach the lower area.[3]

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