Power Moon

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Power Moons are the main collectible in Super Mario Odyssey. To progress through the game, the player must collect Power Moons scattered around each kingdom to use as fuel for the Odyssey.

Power Moons are sometimes found in bundles of three, known as a Multi Moon. Some kingdoms have a primary story path that the player is guided along, indicated by cutscenes that showcase individual moons the player is recommended to collect. These moons are known as story moons and can be in the form of a single moon or a Multi Moon.

In total, the player needs a minimum of 124 power moons to beat the game. Counting Multi Moons as three moons, there are 880 total moons to be collected excluding duplicates from shops; counting them as one, there are 836 unique moons.

Power Moons per kingdom[edit | edit source]

Kingdom Power Moons Required Power Moons Available
Cap Kingdom 0 31
Cascade Kingdom 5 40
Sand Kingdom 16 89
Lake Kingdom 8 42
Wooded Kingdom 16 76
Cloud Kingdom 0 9
Lost Kingdom 10 35
Metro Kingdom 20 81
Snow Kingdom 10 55
Seaside Kingdom 10 71
Luncheon Kingdom 18 68
Ruined Kingdom 3 10
Bowser's Kingdom 8 62
Moon Kingdom 0 38
Mushroom Kingdom N/A 104
Dark Side N/A 24
Darker Side N/A 1