Multi Moon


A Multi Moon is a bundle of three Power Moons awarded for completing major story quests or defeating bosses. Most Multi Moons are also story moons, being part of a kingdom peace questline, with every such questline consisting of one or two Multi Moons. However, Multi Moons are also awarded in kingdoms only accessed after completing the game, namely in the boss rematch towers in Mushroom Kingdom as well as the challenge gauntlets in Dark Side and Darker Side.

Every kingdom peace questline ends in a Multi Moon, and with the exception of Cascade Kingdom, the final Multi Moon must be collected in order to register kingdom peace in any kingdom with story moons.

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are 22 Multi Moons in the game, each listed in the table below.

Kingdom Name Boss Story Moon?
Cascade Kingdom Multi Moon Atop the Falls Madame Broode Yes
Sand Kingdom Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid Hariet Yes
Sand Kingdom The Hole in the Desert Knucklotec Yes
Lake Kingdom Broodals Over the Lake Rango Yes
Wooded Kingdom Flower Thieves of Sky Garden Spewart Yes
Wooded Kingdom Defend the Secret Flower Field! Torkdrift Yes
Metro Kingdom New Donk City's Pest Problem Mechawiggler Yes
Metro Kingdom A Traditional Festival! Yes
Snow Kingdom The Bound Bowl Grand Prix Yes
Seaside Kingdom The Glass Is Half Full! Mollusque-Lanceur Yes
Luncheon Kingdom Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In! Yes
Luncheon Kingdom Cookatiel Showdown! Cookatiel Yes
Ruined Kingdom Battle with the Lord of Lightning! Ruined Dragon Yes
Bowser's Kingdom Showdown at Bowser's Castle RoboBrood Yes
Mushroom Kingdom Tussle in Tostarena: Rematch Knucklotec No
Mushroom Kingdom Struggle in Steam Gardens: Rematch Torkdrift No
Mushroom Kingdom Dust-Up in New Donk City: Rematch Mechawiggler No
Mushroom Kingdom Battle in Bubblaine: Rematch Mollusque-Lanceur No
Mushroom Kingdom Blowup at Mount Volbono: Rematch Cookatiel No
Mushroom Kingdom Rumble in Crumbleden: Rematch Ruined Dragon No
Dark Side Arrival at Rabbit Ridge! RoboBrood No
Darker Side Long Journey's End No