Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom.jpg
Locale name Peach's Castle
Internal name PeachWorld
Power Moons
Initial amount 43
With Toadette 104
Appearance Yellow Stars
Regional coins
Amount 100
Appearance 64-esque
Inhabitants Toads

The Mushroom Kingdom is a kingdom that is unlocked just after completing the game. Unlike the previous kingdoms, there are no story objectives in Mushroom Kingdom at all, and the player is free to explore the kingdom at their own will. In this kingdom, the player can talk to Archivist Toadette to obtain a list of achievement moons, which can be redeemed after completing various objectives.

Moons[edit | edit source]

There are 104 distinct Power Moons in the Mushroom Kingdom. 43 are listed from the start, while the remaining 61 are achievement moons that only appear after first talking to Archivist Toadette. While there is no story progression in the kingdom, and thus no story moons, six Multi Moons can be obtained by partaking in boss rematches throughout the kingdom. There is no Moon Rock in the Mushroom Kingdom.

# Name Class Prerequisite
1 Perched on the Castle Roof Standard None
2 Pops Out of the Tail Standard None
3 Caught Hopping at Peach's Castle! Standard None
4 Gardening for Toad: Garden Seed Standard None
5 Gardening for Toad: Field Seed Standard None
6 Gardening for Toad: Pasture Seed Standard None
7 Gardening for Toad: Lake Seed Standard None
8 Grow a Flower Garden Standard None
9 Mushroom Kingdom Timer Challenge Standard None
10 Found at Peach's Castle! Good Dog! Standard None
11 Taking Notes: Around the Well Standard None
12 Herding Sheep at Peach's Castle Standard None
13 Gobbling Fruit with Yoshi Standard None
14 Yoshi's Second Helping! Standard Gobbling Fruit with Yoshi
15 Yoshi's All Filled Up! Standard Yoshi's Second Helping!
16 Love at Peach's Castle Standard None
17 Toad Defender Standard None
18 Forever Onward, Captain Toad! Standard None
19 Jammin' in the Mushroom Kingdom Standard None
20 Shopping Near Peach's Castle Stackable None
21 Mushroom Kingdom Regular Cup Standard None
22 Mushroom Kingdom Master Cup Standard Mushroom Kingdom Regular Cup
23 Picture Match: Basically Mario Standard None
24 Picture Match: A Stellar Mario! Standard Picture Match: Basically Mario
25 Light from the Ceiling Standard None
26 Loose-Tile Trackdown Standard None
27 Totally Classic! Standard None
28 Courtyard Chest Trap Standard None
29 Yoshi's Feast in the Sea of Clouds Standard None
30 Sunken Star in the Sea of Clouds Standard None
31 Secret 2D Treasure Standard None
32 2D Boost from Bullet Bill Standard None
33 Tussle in Tostarena: Rematch Multi Moon None
34 Struggle in Steam Gardens: Rematch Multi Moon None
35 Dust-Up in New Donk City: Rematch Multi Moon None
36 Battle in Bubblaine: Rematch Multi Moon None
37 Blowup at Mount Volbono: Rematch Multi Moon None
38 Rumble in Crumbleden: Rematch Multi Moon None
39 Secret Path to Peach's Castle! Standard None
40 A Tourist in the Mushroom Kingdom! Standard A Tourist in the Moon Kingdom!
41 Found with Mushroom Kingdom Art Standard None
42 Hat-and-Seek: Mushroom Kingdom Standard Peach in the Moon Kingdom
43 Princess Peach, Home Again! Standard Peach in the Moon Kingdom
44 Rescue Princess Peach Achievement None
45 Achieve World Peace Achievement The Hole in the Desert and
Broodals Over the Lake and
Defend the Secret Flower Field! and
A Traditional Festival! and
The Bound Bowl Grand Prix and
The Glass Is Half Full! and
Cookatiel Showdown!
46 Power Moon Knight Achievement 100 moons total
47 Power Moon Wizard Achievement 300 moons total
48 Power Moon Ruler Achievement 600 moons total
49 Regional Coin Shopper Achievement 13 purple coin purchases
50 Flat Moon Finder Achievement 10 2D moons
51 Flat Moon Fanatic Achievement 20 2D moons
52 Treasure Chest Hunter Achievement 15 treasure chest moons
53 Super Treasure Chest Hunter Achievement 25 treasure chest moons
54 Note-Collecting World Tour Achievement 5 notes moons
55 Note-Collecting Space Tour Achievement 20 notes moons
56 Timer Challenge Amateur Achievement 10 Timer Challenge moons
57 Timer Challenge Professional Achievement 25 Timer Challenge moons
58 Captain Toad Meeter Achievement 5 Captain Toad moons
59 Captain Toad Greeter Achievement 10 Captain Toad moons
60 Touring with Princess Peach Achievement 5 Princess Peach moons
61 Globe-Trotting with Princess Peach Achievement 10 Princess Peach moons
62 Master Sheep Herder Achievement 4 sheep moons
63 Gaga for Goombette Achievement 5 Goombette moons
64 Lakitu Fishing Trip Achievement 3 Lakitu fishing moons
65 Flower-Growing Guru Achievement 5 seed moons
66 Flower-Growing Sage Achievement 10 seed moons
67 Running with Rabbits Achievement 5 rabbit moons
68 Racing with Rabbits Achievement 10 rabbit moons
69 Ground Pound Instructor Achievement 15 ground pound moons
70 Ground Pound Professor Achievement 45 ground pound moons
71 Rad Hatter Achievement 3 cap spinner moons
72 Super Rad Hatter Achievement 10 cap spinner moons
73 Traveling-Bird Herder Achievement 5 bird moons
74 Wearing It Well! Achievement 3 outfit moons
75 Wearing It Great! Achievement 8 outfit moons
76 Wearing It Perfect! Achievement 15 outfit moons
77 Hat-Seeking Missile Achievement 5 Hat-and-Seek moons
78 Music Maestro Achievement 5 Jammin' Toad moons
79 Art Enthusiast Achievement 5 Hint Art moons
80 Art Investigator Achievement 15 Hint Art moons
81 Slots Machine Achievement 3 slots moons
82 Koopa Freerunning MVP Achievement 10 Koopa Freerunning moons
83 Koopa Freerunning Hall of Famer Achievement 22 Koopa Freerunning moons
84 Supernaturally Sure-Footed Achievement 5 Koopa Trace-Walking moons
85 Quizmaster Achievement Answer all questions from 3 Sphynxes
86 Souvenir Sampler Achievement 10 souvenirs/stickers
87 Souvenir Sleuth Achievement 20 souvenirs/stickers
88 Souvenir Savant Achievement 40 souvenirs/stickers
89 Capturing Novice Achievement 20 unique captures
90 Capturing Apprentice Achievement 35 unique captures
91 Capturing Master Achievement 45 unique captures
92 Hat Maven Achievement Collect 15 hats
93 Hat Icon Achievement Collect 35 hats
94 Fashion Maven Achievement Collect 15 outfits
95 Fashion Icon Achievement Collect 35 outfits
96 Moon Rock Liberator Achievement Break 14 Moon Rocks
97 World Warper Achievement Travel between all 10 Warp Painting pairs
98 Checkpoint Flagger Achievement 40 Checkpoint Flags
99 Checkpoint Flag Enthusiast Achievement 80 Checkpoint Flags
100 Loaded with Coins Achievement Collect 1,000 coins
101 Rolling in Coins Achievement Collect 5,000 coins
102 Swimming in Coins Achievement Collect 10,000 coins
103 Jump! Jump! Jump! Achievement Jump 10,000 times
104 Fly, Cappy, Fly! Achievement Throw Cappy 5,000 times