Underground Temple

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Underground Temple
Underground Temple.png
Internal name SandWorldUnderground000Stage
Moon Rock level? No
Power Moons 2
Regional coins 7
Music Ice

Underground Temple is a sub-world in Sand Kingdom that the player must traverse through to reach Deepest Underground for the first time. The level is entered through a large hole in the ground that appears below the Inverted Pyramid after defeating Hariet.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The second section can be traversed without the use of any Bullet Bills using a trickjump from the Bullet Bill launcher to the small floating columns, which is useful in Minimum Captures runs.
  • It is possible to climb up onto the wall on the left side of the second section, on the opposite side of where the treasure chest containing a moon is.
  • From the area with the treasure chest, or from the identical area on the opposite side, it is possible to trickjump to the top of the structure containing the doorway to Deepest Underground. This is made easier by a small ledge just above the doorway that can be landed on.[1]

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