Private Room

Private Room
Private Room.png
Internal name Note2D3DRoomExStage
Moon Rock level? No
Power Moons 1
Regional coins None
Music Subterranean 1

The Private Room is a small sub-world in Metro Kingdom containing a single Power Moon. The room is accessed by walking into a building at ground level near the center of the kingdom and involves collecting music notes inside and outside of a 2D section.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • First noticed by YouTuber Skelux, there is an identical, mirrored copy of the room's geometry hidden behind the camera,[1] which some have theorized to be left over from an unused feature or additional challenge in the level. Using a spinthrow clip found by glitch hunter GamesJam, it is possible to clip out of the level and carefully traverse around it half-bounds to reach the unused room.[2] However, since the camera position in the level is fixed, it will not be possible to actually see the unused room in an unmodified version of the game.

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