Nipple% is a short category on the Category Extensions board for Super Mario Odyssey. This category involves getting 1000 coins and buying the Boxer Shorts in the Sand Kingdom. Timing begins when selecting "Start" on a new file and ends when selecting "buy" on the Boxer Shorts outfit in a shop. There are two sub-categories for Nipple%: Hint Art and No Hint Art

Hint Art[edit | edit source]

Hint Art is the shorter of the two Nipple% categories. In Nipple% Hint Art, the runner is allowed to make use of the many hint arts scattered around the game that give Mario coins. As such, it is only possible to run nipple% hint art on the versions of the game that are post-hint art update.

No Hint Art[edit | edit source]

Nipple% No Hint Art is a longer category than Nipple% Hint Art that does not allow the runner to utilize coin hint arts. Due to this, runners have abused coin duplication to obtain the required coins needed for the boxer shorts outfit. You can run Nipple% No Hint Art in any version of the game, but because coin duplicating is not possible on version 1.0, version 1.3 is fastest.

Routes[edit | edit source]

No Hint Art Route