Shirane bounce


A shirane bounce is a type of movement when you throw out and hold cappy against a wall then either fall into or, dive into cappy to then get a little more vertical reach before wall jumping. This strat is notably used in Any% in the Wooded Kingdom to get up towards the uproot when doing Tree Route, but is more often used as backup movement when you've made a mistake and potentially bonked and fallen down somewhere. For an example in the Moon Kingdom simply falling into cappy is actually much, much more useful than diving onto cappy because you'll get much more height out of the bounce than if you were to dive. (really not useful but is good to remember)

Execution[edit | edit source]

In order to perform a shirane bounce you either need to ground pound jump or do a spinpound (which I know many of you would do the spinpound) back up a little then throw out cappy and dive, however, for the ground pound jump version you either need to wait a brief moment before throwing out cappy for the shirane bounce to occur because if you don't you will most likely bonk or cappy won't be thrown if too close to a wall. The spinpound version is an easier version I learned recently when going into speedrunning, but yeah. Whatever strat is easier for you is your decision to choose which one you can go for.