Roll cancel bounce

Roll cancel bounce
Roll Cancel Bounce.gif
Requires Cappy? Yes

A roll cancel bounce, often abbreviated as RCB, is a movement technique that allows Mario to perform a roll cancel jump directly into a cap bounce. The technique is useful for crossing moderate distances without sacrificing speed, since most other options to obtain a cap bounce, such as diving into Cappy, reduce Mario's momentum.

Execution[edit | edit source]

To perform a roll cancel bounce:

  • While rolling, perform a roll cancel with Cappy thrown 45 degrees away from the rolling direction. (Ensuring that the joystick is at the correct angle before inputting the roll cancel helps with consistency.)
  • Immediately after executing the roll cancel inputs, tap A or B again to jump while continuing to hold the stick at the same angle. Do not hold the jump button, or Mario will overshoot Cappy. If performed correctly, Mario should jump straight onto Cappy while maintaining the speed from the roll cancel.
  • Hold the X or Y button as Mario comes into contact with Cappy to obtain a cap bounce. If desired, the cap bounce can be vectored by again turning Mario by 45 degrees in midair after the cap bounce.