Cap bounce


Cap bounces are a very important part of Super Mario Odyssey Speedrunning. They are key to some of the more advanced movement options that can save tons of time.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

Bouncing off of Cappy gives Mario a lot of extra height, as well as resetting him back to his normal state. Bouncing off of Cappy while on the ground, also called a vault, gives Mario more height than a regular jump which can help a lot while trying to make tough jumps. Vaults also can be used to skip jumping in jumpless speedruns or challenges. Mario can also bounce off of Cappy while in the air, which also helps a lot with tough jumps. However, Mario can only bounce off of Cappy while in the air once; afterwards, he must touch the ground again. There are some rare occurrences where you can technically bypass this limit by doing a vault, as seen in Dino Skip Skip, or DSS for short. A common way cap bounces are used is in a movement chain consisting of: throw Cappy, dive, cap bounce, throw Cappy, dive. If Mario is already in the air when this movement chain is executed, it will give Mario a large amount of height and distance, allowing him to cross otherwise impossible gaps. While this is not the most optimal movement chain, it is a great start.