Moe-Eye Escape


Moe-Eye Escape, sometimes abbreviated as MEE, is a trick that allows the player to get a Moe-Eye out of the Moe-Eye Habitat and to the main area of the Sand Kingdom. The trick involves keeping the Moe-Eye unloaded in midair while cycling the moving platforms that lead to the Moe-Eye Habitat, and briefly loading it as the platform passes under or through it to slowly inch the Moe-Eye toward the tower in the ruins.

Moe-Eye Escape can be used in Minimum Mario to obtain various moons as a Moe-Eye. However, performing the trick before attaining kingdom peace, which is necessary in Minimum Mario, requires a few extra steps to the execution.

Execution[edit | edit source]

This trick requires the Atop the Highest Tower moon to be collected, as collecting it spawns the Moe-Eyes and the moving platforms. The current proven method also requires Assist Mode to bubble back to the tower after each cycle, but theoretically, the player could climb the tower from the outside instead.

Before starting the trick, the Moe-Eye must first be placed where the last moving platform lands and then unloaded.

As the Moe-Eye follows the path the platforms move in but in reverse, the trick alternates between two vertical and two horizontal sections.

Vertical sections[edit | edit source]

The vertical sections consist of performing the following steps repeatedly:

  • With the Moe-Eye unloaded, activate the moving platform that will fall onto it, then jump to the nearby breakable blocks while waiting for the platform to traverse its course.
  • Snapshot buffer as the moving platform falls through the Moe-Eye. When it has fallen about halfway through the Moe-Eye, briefly load the Moe-Eye between snapshot buffers. This will cause it to upwarp to the height of the moving platform.
  • Unload the Moe-Eye, then jump back to the moving platform.

This is repeated until the Moe-Eye is at the height the moving platform is at before it falls.

Horizontal sections[edit | edit source]

For the horizontal sections, Mario's safe spot should first be set atop the exit to the 2D section on the east side of the round tower (or alternatively on top of the Inverted Pyramid, but only if kingdom peace has been attained).

The horizontal sections then consist of performing the following steps repeatedly:

  • With Mario's safe spot set on the tower and the Moe-Eye unloaded, activate the moving platform that will pass below the Moe-Eye.
  • While in first-person mode and keeping the Moe-Eye unloaded, ride the moving platform until it is under the Moe-Eye, and the Moe-Eye is between Mario and the tower. Snapshot Mode can be used to periodically check the positioning.
  • Load the Moe-Eye. This will cause it to run away from Mario across the moving platform.
  • Before the Moe-Eye runs off the platform, unload it.
  • If Mario's safe spot was set above the 2D section, ride the moving platforms to the bottom and then trickjump into the void just north of the Moe-Eye Habitat. This is necessary to force the camera to teleport instead of panning past the Moe-Eye and loading it.
  • Bubble back to Mario's safe spot, and platform to the western part of the moving platform without touching safe ground. If the safe spot was set atop the 2D section, this can be done by trickjumping over the tower; if the safe spot was set atop the Inverted Pyramid, this can be done by landing on the spark pylon on the tower after uncapturing it and jumping from there. Touching the eastern part of the moving platform will set Mario's safe spot to the center of the tower.

For the first horizontal section, this is repeated until the Moe-Eye arrives at the other moving platform. To get the Moe-Eye onto the other platform, it is precisely captured and moved onto the other platform, then unloaded.

For the second horizontal section, this can simply be repeated until the Moe-Eye is above the desired destination. In Minimum Mario, it is necessary to bring the Moe-Eye above the ruins to collect certain moons.