Frames until fully thrown 57
Frames until home-able 27

A downthrow is a type of cap throw that allows the player to throw Cappy downwards. If Cappy hits the ground before extending fully, he will move continue forwards along the ground. Downthrows are often used in trickjumping as part of an up-down vault.

Execution[edit | edit source]

There are two methods to execute a downthrow. The first method consists of performing a ground pound, followed by a cap throw after landing and releasing the ground pound button. If the ground pound button is not released before the cap throw is performed, Mario will initiate a roll instead of a downthrow.

The second method for executing a downthrow requires the use of a pair of Joy-Cons. It consists of shaking both Joy-Cons downwards, which would cause a regular motion-controlled cap throw if performed on a different controller.

Frame data[edit | edit source]

Frames until fully thrown 57
Frames at max length 22-122
Frames until home-able 27
Frames until jump 8
Frames until dive 8
Frames until crouch/spinpound 28
Frames until dive after roll cancelling off ledge 29
Frames until fully thrown (Rocket flower) 8
Frames at max length (Rocket flower) 5-122
Source Odyssey Movement Data Sheet