Speedrunning FAQ

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This page contains answers to some frequently asked questions from aspiring Super Mario Odyssey speedrunners.

What's the fastest game version to speedrun on?[edit | edit source]

Version 1.3.0 is faster than all previous versions for all main speedruns. Only obscure categories such as Star% benefit from having an earlier version.

Which language is fastest?[edit | edit source]

This has only been confirmed for Any%, but Traditional Chinese is accepted to be fastest. On the newest game version, it's second from the bottom in the in-game language settings.

What's the best controller to use?[edit | edit source]

Any controller with motion control support is viable, but it is recommended to use a first party Pro Controller or Joy-Cons, depending on your preference. Only Joy-Cons can perform midair downthrows, which are occasionally helpful but not necessary, although the joysticks on Pro Controllers tend to last longer.

How do I set up practice files?[edit | edit source]

If you set up multiple Switch profiles, you can have five saves per profile, allowing you to create a save just before each kingdom for easy access to the entire run. However, you'll need to leave one of the five saves open and always save a backup of the file you plan to use before practicing on it, so you don't overwrite it. A more advanced option for practicing is to follow this guide to install the practice mod on your Switch.

How do I record my speedruns?[edit | edit source]

Any recording method is fine for leaderboard verification, as long as the gameplay is clearly visible and the quality is not pixelated. A 720p or 1080p capture card is recommended, but recording gameplay with a phone or webcam is also allowed.

Why do players change their Switch's date and time before a speedrun?[edit | edit source]

This is to set up for a trick known as Daylight Savings Time Abuse, which involves planting a seed just before the clock jumps forward an hour. If you're just starting out with speedrunning, it's recommended to become familiar with the route and do some runs before attempting to incorporate this trick.

I have another question. Where can I find an answer?[edit | edit source]

If you have a more specific question, try searching this wiki for a page that may have an answer! If you can't find anything here, you can find the relevant channel in the speedrunning Discord server and check the pinned messages there, or simply ask if you don't see what you need.