Star% is a short category on the Category Extensions boards for Super Mario Odyssey. The category involves reaching the Mushroom Kingdom as fast as possible and collecting a Star.

Route[edit | edit source]

Mushroom Kingdom Painting

The route for Star% is the same as Any% up until the Sand Kingdom. After grabbing the Tosterina Ruins Sand Pillar Checkpoint, the player performs either Inverted Pyramid Clip or Inverted Pyramid Skip. Once the player defeats Harriet, the player warps to the checkpoint and can then go through the painting to get to the Metro Kingdom. After that, the player performs a Cappy return cancel to get to the painting leading to Lake Kingdom. The player will then activate and warp to the checkpoint in Lake Kingdom to reset the camera and go to the Luncheon Kingdom using the painting in Lake Kingdom. The player then grabs the checkpoint in Luncheon Kingdom and death warps to reset the camera.

If the game is being played on version 1.0.0, the player can execute the Bruncheon trickjump in either Single Player or Two Player mode, allowing Mario to access the mainland early. A much more difficult version of the jump is also possible on later versions, but cannot be performed with this route due to the camera. The player must then make their way over to another painting on the opposite end of the kingdom, which in turn leads to a floating island in the Mushroom Kingdom where a Star can be collected.