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Pokio Skip, also known as Pokino, is a trick used in Minimum Captures runs that can be used to eliminate the Pokio capture that is normally required to climb the Outer Wall in Bowser's Kingdom. It involves clipping partially out of bounds using the Stairface Ogre at the base of the wall, and using hidden collision on the tops of the rotating rings to scale the wall from out of bounds.

History[edit | edit source]

Pokio Skip has been theorized almost since the game first released. The idea to climb the tops of the wheels as Mario was mainly theorized by speedrunner MarBle, who finally proved the skip possible on February 5, 2020 using an extremely difficult trickjump to reach the inside of the first wheel[1] and precise movement to reach a platform where the checkpoint could be activated in two-player mode. Roughly an hour later, MadeForMario discovered a much easier way to board the first wheel by wall jumping off of an invisible wall.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Two-player method[edit | edit source]

The trick is much easier to perform in two-player mode, as it does not require as much out-of-bounds movement. However, the two-player method can only be used in two-player Minimum Captures categories, in which it is in fact usually removed from the run in favor of a Cappy return cancel to activate the Checkpoint Flag at the top of the Outer Wall.

This method only requires the player to scale the wall up to the top of the first ring, at which point the player can jump back in-bounds to continue the climb.[2] The final step of the climb involves throwing Cappy upwards toward the Inner Wall checkpoint and using two-player mode to maneuver Cappy to hit the Checkpoint Flag.[3]

One-player method[edit | edit source]

Although the trick is easier in two-player mode, it is also possible in single-player mode. This variant of the trick involves scaling the wheels all the way to the top from out of bounds. Because it does not rely on the use of two-player mode, this version of the trick can be used in categories that require the run to be completed in single-player, such as 12 Captures and 13 Captures Any%.

Additionally, this version of the trick is optimally faster than the two-player method, since it does not rely on warping to the checkpoint as the final step.

References[edit | edit source]