Downgrading versions


This page will guide you through how to downgrade the Super Mario Odyssey software to a previous version. Although the most recent version, version 1.3.0, is optimal for Any% and all other mainboard speedrun categories, certain glitches, challenge runs and category extensions are only possible on older versions.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Game cartridge[edit | edit source]

In order to downgrade to a previous version without homebrewing (which is only possible on Switches manufactured before a certain date without doing precise hardware modifications), one must obtain a Super Mario Odyssey cartridge with the correct base version. Downgrading the game simply entails removing all update data from the Switch, which means the game cannot be downgraded to a version other than the one that is stored on the cartridge. That version can be determined from the identifier on the back of the cartridge:

Identifier Base version
Ending in 000 Version 1.0.0
Ending in 001 Version 1.1.0
Ending in 002 Version 1.2.0
Ending in 003 Version 1.3.0

The two versions useful to downgrade to are versions 1.0.0 and 1.1.0, both of which allow to complete a 3 Captures run. Version 1.0.0 has the fewest glitches patched and is by far the most optimal for Star%. Version 1.1.0 is optimal for 3 Captures, required for obtaining the maximum amount of moons in 000%, and has a few glitches that version 1.0.0 does not.

Method of data backup[edit | edit source]

The only way to delete update data from the Switch aside from homebrew is by factory resetting the Switch, which erases all data. There are two options for retaining save data (however, your Super Mario Odyssey save data is only playable on the newest version, so it cannot be retained):

Nintendo Switch Online[edit | edit source]

If you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription or are willing to purchase one, or if you have not used your free trial yet, you can upload your save data to the cloud for safekeeping. If you have a permanent subscription rather than a free trial, you can even use this to store your existing Super Mario Odyssey save data until you are finished with the older version, and then regain access to it after updating the game again. However, since data for some games[1] cannot be backed up to the cloud, data for those games will be lost using this method.

To purchase Nintendo Switch Online or activate your free trial, open the eShop and navigate to the Nintendo Switch Online section.[2][3] Once your subscription is active, return to your home menu. For each game you wish to back up, press + to view the options menu and ensure it is backed up in the Save Data Cloud section.

Save data transfer[edit | edit source]

If you have access to another Switch, even temporarily, you can transfer your save data to that Switch and then transfer it back later. This has the advantage of retaining save data for all games, but by itself will not allow your existing Super Mario Odyssey save data to be stored for safekeeping until you update the game again. However, if you have access to both another Switch and an online subscription, it is possible to utilize the advantages of both methods.

To transfer save data between consoles, open System Settings on both systems and navigate to Data Management, then Transfer Your Save Data.[4] Select all users and games for which you wish to transfer data, and follow the instructions given.

Downgrading[edit | edit source]

Once all important save data has been backed up, it is time to factory reset the Switch.

  • Open System Settings and navigate to the System section, then Formatting Options, and initialize the console.
  • While setting up the initialized system, do not set up an Internet connection yet. Once finished with setup, navigate back to the System section of System Settings and disable Auto-Update Software. Then, proceed with setting up Internet.
  • If you used save data transfer for backup, repeat the process used to back up your data to transfer it back to your Switch.
  • If you used Nintendo Switch Online, first sign back into your Nintendo account. Then, in System Settings, navigate to Data Management, then Save Data Cloud.[5] Redownload your save data for all games except Super Mario Odyssey.

You should now be able to play your desired version of Super Mario Odyssey with your other save data intact! When starting the game, the system will prompt you to update it, but you can simply decline.

References[edit | edit source]