Capture warp


A capture warp, often colloquially referred to as a dram (but not to be confused with the original Dram Strat), is a technique that involves placing Cappy near a capture target, quickly performing another task as Mario, and then shaking the controller to cause Cappy to home in on the capture, causing Mario to be warped back to it. This technique is most useful when Mario passes a capture on his way to something but would then otherwise need to turn around to get back to the capture's location.

The action Mario performs must be done quickly, since there is a limit to how long Cappy can remain away from Mario. Most commonly (and in most major speedruns), this action is collecting a Power Moon, but it can also include collecting regional coins or anything else that can be done without the aid of Cappy.

Dram Strat is one of the most famous examples, which involves throwing Cappy upward near a Bullet Bill while Mario collects a Power Moon in an alcove below. The capture warp saves Mario the time that would normally be required to climb out of the alcove and back up to the Bullet Bill spawner.

Two-player use[edit | edit source]

Capture warps are even more powerful in two-player mode, since Cappy does not have a limit as to how long he can remain away from Mario. One notable use of a two-player capture warp is a method of setting up the Mechawiggler Escape glitch; this capture warp occurs across a much greater distance than would be possible in single-player mode.

A Cappy return cancel can also be used to warp the player to distant captures.