Turnip climbing

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Turnip climbing is a trick that can be used to scale the side of the volcano in the Luncheon Kingdom using turnips. Most notably, it can be used to perform Meat Skip without any captures.

Methods[edit | edit source]

Turnip staircasing[edit | edit source]

Turnip staircasing is the most well-known method of turnip climbing and involves cycling through two or more turnips in a staircase pattern to climb the volcano.[1]

To perform this method of climbing:

  • Retrieve two turnips from Peronza Plaza and bring them up to a spot near the side of the volcano.
  • Throw both turnips at the side of the volcano using motion-controlled throws. Jumping toward the volcano before throwing a turnip will result in that turnip landing higher on the volcano.
  • Jump onto the lower turnip.
  • Hold A or B to repeatedly bounce at full height, then additionally press X or Y just as Mario lands on the turnip. This should result in Mario picking up the lower turnip while also obtaining a full-height bounce from it. (If Mario grabs the upper turnip instead, you may need to space the turnips farther apart. Note that white turnips also have a higher grab priority than golden turnips.)
  • Once Mario is airborne, guide him onto the upper turnip.
  • After landing on the turnip, throw the turnip Mario is holding to a spot higher on the volcano.
  • Repeat the previous three steps to scale to the top of the volcano.

Raising method[edit | edit source]

A much easier method to climb the volcano is possible with only one turnip, but it takes significantly longer and it is more difficult to control Mario's path up the volcano. However, because turnip staircasing can sometimes be more difficult near the very top of the volcano, it may be useful to use turnip staircasing until near the top, then switch to the raising method.

To use this method, Mario simply needs to bounce on a turnip repeatedly, and it will move slightly higher after each bounce.[2]

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