Talkatoo glitch


The Talkatoo glitch, also known as Talkatoo storage, is a glitch that occurs when Cappy collides with Talkatoo just after a conversation with him ends. This glitch can cause many different strange effects, such as locking the camera or causing Mario to float.

The Talkatoo glitch is only possible on version 1.1.0 and earlier.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

If Cappy hits Talkatoo right after Mario finishes talking to him, then properties of talking can be stored, including the Talkatoo text, the locked camera, and Mario’s change in animation. Once Talkatoo’s hit stun animation ends, the camera will lock, Mario will try to enter his talking/standing animation, and Talkatoo’s text will be queued in the place that determines what dialogue appears next. This can all be stored by unloading Talkatoo before he’s done being hit. Now, the next time Talkatoo is loaded, the glitch will activate. The camera will lock in place and Mario will turn towards Talkatoo. Talking to an NPC after activating the glitch will show Talkatoo’s dialogue followed by their own dialogue.

Talkatoo Glitch without camera lock[edit | edit source]

If Talkatoo is loaded with the glitch stored, at first the camera will move and Mario will start turning. Only once the camera fully locks will Talkatoo’s stored text be usable. So, if Talkatoo is loaded, followed by the player quickly talking to an NPC before the camera reaches a stop (and locks), the game will allow storing Mario’s turning animation and Talkatoo’s text without the camera lock being stored. This is sometimes referred to as the unlocked Talkatoo glitch. With the unlocked Talkatoo glitch, loading Talkatoo will have the same effects as the standard Talkatoo glitch but won’t lock the camera. The camera will slowly pan towards Talkatoo while the unlocked glitch is stored.

Resetting Talkatoo glitch[edit | edit source]

After activating the glitch, Talkatoo will be in his talking animation and can’t be talked to. Talking to an NPC will reset the camera lock (if there is one) and during the NPC conversation, it will display Talkatoo’s 3 messages before the NPC’s own text. Now Talkatoo can be talked to again and all the glitched properties should be cleared. Loading a different stage also resets the glitch.

If Talkatoo is hit after the glitch has been activated, then talking to an NPC will store the glitch again. This can be done to get as many hints as desired while only having talked to Talkatoo once.

Item Talkatoo glitch[edit | edit source]

The glitch can also be done with items such as seed, but the item hits Talkatoo at the start of the talking sequence (rather than the end), so Talkatoo cannot be unloaded to store the glitch. This version only really allows the camera to be locked and text to be stored.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Animation based glitches[edit | edit source]

When activating the Talkatoo glitch, Mario will attempt to turn towards Talkatoo. Interrupting this sequence allows several other movement-based glitches to occur:

  • Activating the glitch while Mario is throwing Cappy lets Mario interrupt his throwing sequence by turning towards Talkatoo. The sliding property of Mario’s cap throw animation is kept, but it is now indefinite and Mario goes into the idle animation.[1]  If Mario slides off a ledge, then Mario will fall slowly and still maintain his sliding glitch. Jumping, throwing Cappy, or entering water will reset Mario to normal animations.
  • Using the setup above, if Mario collects a rocket flower while sliding then he will still slide but also have rocket flower speed.
  • Activating the glitch while initiating a ground pound will cause Mario to turn midair and cancel his ground pound, but still stay suspended midair while facing Talkatoo. Doing this over the jump rope area in the Metro Kingdom allows the maximum score to be reached easily. Wandering NPCs can move Mario in this state. Pressing Y or shaking makes Mario dive and return to normal animations.
  • Activating the glitch while throwing Cappy while swimming on the surface of water allows one to continue swimming on the surface but with Mario stuck in his standing pose. This is cancelled when Mario stops swimming on the surface.
  • If Mario pulls himself up onto a ledge, Mario will be unable to move at all, resulting in a softlock.[2]
  • Performing the glitch during a quick swim can allow Mario to do the quick swim animation for much longer (it seems to end when taking too sharp of a turn or unloading Talkatoo). Performing the glitch during quick swim can get Mario to swim with the walking animation.

Camera lock properties[edit | edit source]

The camera locks when activating the standard Talkatoo glitch. This has a few interesting properties:

  • Entering first person mode will cause Mario to become invisible, but not set the camera to the first person camera (because its locked)
  • Talking to an NPC will unlock the camera as well as display Talkatoo’s text before that NPC’s text. Talkatoo should now be able to be talked to again as well
  • Capturing binoculars will keep the camera locked, but the game will think Mario is farther away. One can load things nearby that normally unload when getting near them, such as certain Metro Kingdom NPCs.

Text on screen during gameplay[edit | edit source]

It is possible to have Talkatoo’s text be visible while controlling Mario. First, get enough moons to power up the Odyssey the next time Cappy is thrown on the globe. Now store the unlocked Talkatoo glitch and use it in order to use the stored Talkatoo text. Throw Cappy on the globe and wait until the jingle plays from powering up the Odyssey. Then, press A on the last Talkatoo dialogue and the banner will appear. Then close the banner and exit the world map, and Talkatoo’s text will be visible while playing. The text gets cleared upon talking to something again or loading another stage.

Jaxi mount glitches[edit | edit source]

In the Sand Kingdom, if one enters the Jaxi mount animation from the side and activates the Talkatoo glitch before Mario has fully mounted, then Mario will be stuck on top of Jaxi in the standing animation. One can also push Jaxi with Glydon and have Mario be on top of him while he slides.[3] Sometimes, Mario will be on top of Jaxi with the walking animation instead.[4] If Mario enters the Jaxi mount animation from jumping on it (rather than pressing X/Y next to him), then the player activates the Talkatoo glitch, Mario will gravitate towards Jaxi and actually mount when he gets there.[5]

References[edit | edit source]