Roll cancel hovering


Roll cancel hovering is a speedrun movement technique used in small spaces in midair for small corners, starting a triple jump sequence, or vectoring to a certain place. This trick has other abilities such as diving into cappy while midair to reach anywhere Mario needs to go. It is somewhat like a shirane bounce but the dive execution needs to be performed much early. When doing roll cancel hovering, depending on how fast Mario is moving and what even surface he is on he gains that speed but when diving into cappy he loses a little bit of speed when diving to early.

Execution[edit | edit source]

Start having Mario move really fast and when approaching any edge of ground, then do a roll cancel and Mario should be hovering in some kind of state midair. Some things could go wrong like diving too late and turning the roll cancel hovering into a slow shirane bounce that totally screws the momentum of speed. When midair with the roll cancel wait at least one second and then dive into cappy which will make Mario keep his speed and continue. This technique can be used to reach some far places without jumping which kind of loses the speed.

Roll cancel hovering #1

Roll cancel hovering #2

Roll cancel hovering #3