Letter Escape

Letter Escape, also known simply as the letter glitch, is a glitch in the Metro Kingdom that allows the letters in the park to be clipped outside of their normal bounding area, allowing the kingdom to be explored freely with them. This leads to all sorts of strange behavior, including letters interacting with elements they are not intended to, clipping through walls, and obtaining massive amounts of speed. The glitch was discovered by glitch hunter Syrkl.


Normally, the letters are bounded by an invisible barrier surrounding the section of the park where they are located, and this barrier prevents the letters from roaming the kingdom freely.

While a letter is being captured, if the player ever gets too close to another letter, that letter will exert a force on the letter being controlled by the player in order to prevent the two letters from clipping into each other. However, this force can be abused if the letter being controlled by the player is near the invisible barrier, in order to push the player's letter through the barrier. This can be done by arranging the various letters so that one letter is directly between the boundary and another letter, with the two letters often clipped partially into each other.


A male New Donker near the Jump-Rope Challenge, the Desert Wanderer and the taxi driver with them can be pushed around using the corner of a letter.

It is possible to get a letter inside the RC Car arena. This can be done by first getting it on top of a nearby taxi by walking against a pole adjacent to the taxi in order to force the letter up onto it. Then, if the taxi is allowed to move forward a bit, it is possible to walk over the edge of the arena as the letter to drop into it. Once the letter is inside the arena, it is possible to clip the RC Car out of the arena by trapping it against the arena's edge using the letter and the scooter. This makes it possible to move the RC Car around the kingdom freely.

The Letter Escape glitch can be used to easily obtain an indefinitely high score, up to the maximum of 99999, in the Jump-Rope Challenge. The easiest way to do this is to simply stand atop a letter while it is inside the minigame area. However, it can also be done by using the aforementioned methods to move either the RC Car or the New Donker into the minigame area, and bouncing on top of them. Unlike the Talkatoo glitch, the other method of cheating the minigame, this method works on all versions of the game.

The letter "A" can be used to clip through walls by placing it perpendicularly against a wall, and sliding down the wall so that the slope on the side of the letter pushes Mario out of bounds.