Stingby storage


Stingby storage refers to storing the attack of an Urban Stingby by unloading it while it is preparing to attack. This allows the attack to be reactivated from a greater distance by loading the Stingby back in, and when doing so, the Stingby will charge at the position Mario is in as it is reloaded. Using this technique, one can theoretically set up one or more Stingbies to bounce on for extra height or distance during a trickjump.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Speedrunning[edit | edit source]

Stingby storage can be used to skip the New Donk City Hall Interior section in nighttime Metro Kingdom, which is known as City Hall Skip. The trick saves around seven seconds in Any% and more in Festival%.

Minimum Mario[edit | edit source]

In Minimum Mario, Stingby storage can be used to collect the Girder Sandwich moon in nighttime Metro Kingdom as a Goomba, reducing the number of moons required to be collected as Mario to beat the game by one. Using a strategic route, the moon can be reached with as few as three Stingby bounces, with one jump requiring one bounce and another jump requiring two consecutive bounces.[1][2] So far, the latter jump has only been done using TAS tools.

Theorized uses[edit | edit source]

Minimum Mario[edit | edit source]

Stingby storage could also potentially be used to obtain the Swaying in the Breeze moon as a Goomba in nighttime Metro Kingdom. This would eliminate yet another Mario moon required to complete the game, but it would require significantly more Stingby bounces than the method used to collect Girder Sandwich.

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