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A speedflip is a glitch that allows the player to gain an arbitrary amount of speed. In the direction perpendicular to a sideflip, Mario's speed is not capped,[1] meaning one can, under the right conditions, build up infinite speed in this direction.[2] Mario's acceleration in this direction is proportional to the component of the left joystick pointing in that direction, with a maximum acceleration of 0.075 units/frame2.

Mario's speed in the direction of the sideflip and his speed perpendicular to the sideflip are completely independent. This makes it possible to vector a speedflip, squeezing out just slightly more speed (though the acceleration is unaffected).

Pedro spots[edit | edit source]

A Pedro spot is a location in which Mario can remain in the falling animation without actually descending, which allows him to build up speed with a speedflip while remaining still. For a location to work as a Pedro spot, it must have a way for Mario to maintain the falling animation next to a wall. For example, in a spot with a wall parallel to and very close to a slope that's too steep for Mario to stand on, the wall will push Mario into the slope, and the slope will push Mario back into the wall, without Mario reverting to standing. The whirlwinds in Snow Kingdom can also work as Pedro spots. The name "Pedro spot" was borrowed from a similar glitch in Super Mario 64.[3]

Location Description Clip
Between the rolling corn and a wall in Luncheon Kingdom If the corn is moved slightly away from the wall, it'll allow Mario to get stuck between them. Once Mario has around 120 speed, he will move up the perpendicular wall, as it has a very steep slope near the bottom. Mario will escape this spot at around 1200 speed. Clip
A whirlwind near Luigi in Snow Kingdom This spot is unstable, making it difficult (but not impossible) to build up significant speed. Because of its instability, it's possible to be pushed up onto the adjoining slope with a high horizontal speed, thus converting it to vertical speed.[4][5] Clip
The second highest whirlwind in Snowy Mountain It seems that Mario won't escape this spot and can build up speed indefinitely. Clip

Uses[edit | edit source]

Speedflips currently have little use, but some proposed applications include finding a new infinite fall, as well as, combined with nut sliding, finding a new method to collect the Third Courtyard Outskirts moon in Bowser's Kingdom without any captures, thus proving the moon possible in Minimum Captures on versions 1.2.0 and later.[6] The only proven use of speedflips is as one possible method of trickjumping from the Warp Painting island in Bowser's Kingdom to the Third Courtyard Rear island.[7]

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