Scooter Clip


Scooter Clip, often nicknamed Scoot Clip, is a speedrun strategy in the Metro Kingdom that allows the player to abuse the scooter's physics to clip into the cage containing the Remotely Captured Car moon and collect it, as opposed to the normal method of capturing the New Donker playing with the RC Car. Scooter Clip can save anywhere up to eight seconds, depending on how optimally the setup is executed.

Explanation[edit | edit source]

Scooter Clip involves using a scooter to clip Mario's head into the side of the cage containing the Remotely Captured Car moon, just far enough for his hitbox to collide with the moon. This is done by abusing the fact that the scooter tilts when performing certain actions.

Rotating the controller to the side will cause the scooter to tilt slightly in that direction. Additionally, the scooter also tilts in the direction it is being steered. If both are done at the same time, they can be combined to make the scooter tilt just far enough to place Mario's head inside the moon's hitbox.

Execution[edit | edit source]

To set up and perform Scooter Clip:

  • Mount the scooter and begin driving toward the right edge of the cage. Optionally, you may begin to tilt the controller to the left.
  • Collide with the right edge of the cage, and slowly move to the right until the scooter slips past the edge. (This step can be skipped for top runners who can line up the trick without a setup.)
  • As Mario begins moving past the cage, tilt the controller sharply to the left. (Pro Controller and Joy-Con Grip users will find that an angle slightly past 90 degrees works best, while those using detached Joy-Cons will want to tilt the controllers until they are nearly upside down.) At the same time, flick the joystick to the left to steer the scooter toward the cage.

If done right, Mario's hitbox will extend past the cage wall and collide with the moon, causing him to collect it.

Speedrun usage[edit | edit source]

Since Scooter Clip allows the Remotely Captured Car moon to be collected very quickly, this trick is applicable in all main categories of the game.