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A divevault is when you throw cappy and dive, hit the ground and roll boost just as Mario is vaulting off of cappy. Divevaults help keep horizontal momentum which make them very useful in areas where you want Mario to jump after getting up on a ledge.

Execution[edit | edit source]

A divevault is performed by diving then pulling back on the control stick just long enough so Mario just hits the ground before hitting the cap but still rolls. The moment Mario hits the ground pressing X or Y is necessary to boost and get speed. When done properly, yellow around Mario will appear and the vault animation will play. The timing for this is pretty tricky and it's hard to describe how to properly do it, but it's just a matter of messing around and practicing until it becomes consistent.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Divevaults are necessary when trickjumps are performed or properly used in a short distance to vector them quickly. An example would be doing Left Side the fast way to save much time, Wooded Kingdom while navigating to ' ' The Nut 'Round the Corner ' ' moon, Lost Kingdom while doing meme tree which is a little complicated, Setupless Snow Dram without staying on the odyssey for more than a second, Luncheon Kingdom after clearing the forks room navigating through the lava, Moon Kingdom during Moon Cave Skip way more to the right in order for the divevault to occur. (however its slightly tricky to time and perform) Divevault Tutorial