Darker Side (speedrun)

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Culmina Crater

Darker Side is a speedrun category that consists of collecting 500 Power Moons to access the Darker Side kingdom and getting the Multi Moon at the end of it as fast as possible. Timing begins when selecting "Start" on a new file and ends when grabbing the Multi Moon in the Darker Side Kingdom. Buying more than one moon from any shop is banned, but there is a category extension which allows it. The fastest version for this category is Version 1.1.0 on a digital copy of the game, but that version is banned because of its inaccessibility, making Version 1.3.0 digital the fastest allowed version.

Route[edit | edit source]

The route for this category is very tightly knit. Almost everything has a purpose. Some small action at the beginning (For example talking to the taxi guy in Sand Kingdom) influences things later in the run.

The current route juggles tourist moons, peach moons, warp painting paths, outfit notification, hint arts, and achievement moons (which covers a decent amount of them, see the route document)

Current Route[edit | edit source]


Slideshow[edit | edit source]

The community also made a slideshow to help navigate this long category:


An advanced / expert level route can be found here: