Cap return spin


A cap return spin or cap return twirl is a move that can be performed by pressing A or B at the moment Cappy returns to Mario while Mario is in midair. The move causes Mario to spin around in midair, resetting his fall speed and allowing him to stall for a brief moment, while optionally gaining a bit of extra horizontal distance.

Properties[edit | edit source]

A cap return spin can only be performed once until Mario touches the ground, grabs a ledge or slides along a wall.

Cap return spins can be performed after a cap bounce to gain a bit of extra distance, making them useful for nearly all distance-based trickjumps. For even more distance, one can perform a cap return spin just after a homing cap throw, which can be chained after a cap bounce.

Normally, cap return spins cause Mario to lose a slight amount of height, making them useless for vertical trickjumps. However, in levels with moon gravity, they actually allow Mario to gain a tiny bit of height.