Cancer Dram

Cancer Dram

Cancer Dram is a difficult variant of Dram Strat and roughly saves 0.6 seconds if done in a perfect manner. Cancer Dram has more complicated parts than the regular dram strat but when practicing it a few times it can become consistent in runs. A few things need to be timed properly for this strat to become successful:

  • Homing cappy
  • Specific camera angles
  • Throwing cappy
  • Movement
  • Positions

In-depth explanation[edit | edit source]

Perform a triple jump and have the final jump going towards the right a little bit. After the triple jump, upthrow and dive on the fence, backflip and cap jump to the top of the ledge on Mario's right. When getting up to the ledge do a long jump as far on the edge as possible to minimize your air time. When midair do a upthrow dive homing cap throw or just cap throw dive. Make sure to not capture the bullet bill, and when getting to the other side it doesn't matter how close you are to the bullet bill when you land because its hitbox is much smaller. When landing on the ground, roll boost (pressing the Y or X button) or use motion controls but its best not to because they may be unreliable, then after you enter the shadow around the broken tile Mario stands on do a spinthrow roll cancel to the left and tap to the right a little after throwing cappy to the left just to make sure he hits the glowing crate. (where the moon is inside of) Next you want to hold the Y button when cappy hits the crate and as soon as cappy hits the crate you can now turn your control stick to a seven o'clock position, so it's a little bit down left. Mario should start exiting the shadow he is currently in right now, after cappy breaks the crate open the moon will spawn and the cutscene will play like so. Some crucial information after the cutscene is knowing where Mario needs to go afterwards because the camera acts weird and goes down if Mario falls down quickly and where the bullet bill will be during the transition. The hardest part is knowing when you fall off the ledge and kind of hold neutral for a tiny bit but then hold forward, but as soon as the camera kind of goes down you need to throw cappy about parallel with the middle of these bricks on the wall and a position for Mario to be in is parallel with this iceberg that he is next to. When falling kind of tap left near the alcove and don't wall slide because it is much tighter and slower for this strat to work with the wall slide, then dive and and hold forward and dive. Because cappy is a lot lower than he normally is you're going to want to shake when you do the dive as opposed to right after you do the dive just because he's most likely a lot lower than he would be in a regular dram strat. Finally if you shook when you did the dive you should home into the bullet bill just on time.